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Paint Renovator

500 ml

Deoxidises and polishes the bodywork.

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S Class Polish

500 ml

Protects the paintwork and reinforces the brightness of the bodywork.

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Universal Scratch Remover

150 g

Ref. CL150131

GS27 Classics® Universal Scratch Remover is a cream containing microscopic crystal, ideal for all surface scratches (scrapes, scratches etc.). It is easy to use, meaning you can treat the damaged surface yourself.

  • Erases surface scratches
  • Easy to use

Scratch removal

Scratch remover: Put a dab of the product on a microfiber cloth. Rub with more or less intensity depending on the size of the scratch. Start again until you obtain the desired result. Headlamp Restorer & Scratch Remover Kit: 1/ Insert the adapter stem into the drill chuck. 2/ Fix the foam pad to the adapter. 3/ Apply a small heap of...

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